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 ClanBase PCW Rules

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PostSubject: ClanBase PCW Rules   Sat Jan 02, 2010 9:41 pm

Lika bra att ha reglerna klistrade på forumet! Utdraget nedan anger de viktigaste reglerna.

1. Only 4on4 to 6on6 matches are allowed in the Modern Warfare 2 S&D ladders. All matches that are played with a different teamsize will be cancelled.
2. Each match is played over two maps, one picked by each clan in the challenge form, with a roundlimit of 24 (= maxrounds 12) by default. Total rounds in a match is 2x24 = 48. The score is determined by adding all rounds won from each clan over the whole match.
3. LMG's and Riot shields are NOT allowed in the Modern Warfare 2 S&D ladders. Using either of them in a match may result in a forfeit loss.
4. The default teamsize for the Modern Warfare 2 S&D ladder is 5. Other team sizes are available by editing settings on the challenge form.
5. Allowed weapons
1. Assault rifles:
* M4A1
* TAR-21
* M16A4
* F2000
* AK47

2. Submachine guns:
* MP5K
* UMP45
* Vector
* Mini Uzi

3. Sniper rifles:
* Intervention

4. Secondary weapons:
* USP45
* .44 Magnum
* M9
* Desert Eagle

5. Attachments:
* Silencer
* Extra mag

6. Equipment:
* Frag-grenade

7. Special Grenades:
* Flash x 2
* Smoke x 2
8. Deathstreak
* Painkiller

Anyone found using forbidden weapons or attachments in official ClanBase matches will forfeit the match. You can prove this by taking screenshots. If both teams violate this rule, then the match will be canceled.

Resten av reglerna finns här: http://clanbase.ggl.com/rules.php?lid=10093
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ClanBase PCW Rules
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